With the title
Future Jewellery Icons
we invite you to dig
deep into the meanings
and relationships between
these three notions.

What is the Future of Jewellery?
As Contemporary Jewellery builds up the awareness of its identity, we may see growth of successful cross-disciplinary collaborations. By being placed in a wider context of today’s visual culture, Contemporary Jewellery can learn new strategies. We are curious about what may begin to happen when jewellery, art, design and fashion truly start to converge.

What are Jewellery’s Icons?
Icon is an ambiguous word simultaneously connoting a religious symbol loaded with historical and spiritual content, a flickering symbol on a computer desktop distilled and reduced in meaning, or an actual person – a rock star or a celebrity. Does Contemporary Jewellery have a system of symbols and signs connecting the past and the future? And if so, where do these symbols and signs belong: in a subculture, within the mainstream, or have they lost their cultural relevance?

What are the Icons of the Future?
We are interested in new attitudes, new types of projects and new personalities to explore this idea: join us to hear talks by exhibition makers, researchers, trend forecasters, artists and jewellers who have explored the challenges and the confines of their own disciplines.

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